Why refer to a vet for rehabilitation?

With experience and full qualification in veterinary medicine, small animal physiotherapy and rehabilitation, I am well-placed to ensure the recovery and well-being of each animal.

As a veterinarian, I offer more than a standard physiotherapist by providing the following benefits to my patients, clients and referring vets:

  • Thorough knowledge of the conditions that affect our small animal patients.
  • The experience and knowledge to assess the whole animal (bearing in mind that many have concurrent medical conditions). This is invaluable in prioritising treatment and in ongoing quality-of-life assessment.
  • The ability to gain further information from the results of radiographs, blood work, etc.
  • I can legally help the referring vet to pinpoint a diagnosis, if required. 
  • I am suitably qualified to recommend further investigation (e.g. diagnostic imaging, blood work) or surgical intervention as and when needed.
  • With a good understanding of analgesics and other medication, I can check that these are working as expected, and am always happy to discuss medical options with the referring vet.
  • I advise on specific nutrition, nutraceuticals and prescribed diets which are often relevant to animals during periods of tissue healing and/or reduced mobility. Wherever possible, I encourage owners to source recommended products from their usual vet practice.
  • If I do detect concurrent conditions, then I advise the owner. Such cases are generally referred back to you, the animal’s usual vet,  for ongoing management. For example, many of my older patients turn out to have concurrent issues which may range from hypothyroidism to “dry eye”.

A further note on my route into physiotherapy:

The traditional route into animal physiotherapy involved gaining initial qualification and experience in human physiotherapy, followed by a further degree course in (usually equine-based) animal physiotherapy. In contrast, my own physiotherapy training has been entirely small-animal based. Compared with other animal physiotherapists, I therefore have extensive training, experience and knowledge specific to physiotherapy of dogs and cats. 





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