Please read on if your dog has been diagnosed with IVDD, or if your vet suspects […]
If your IVDD-affected dog is unable to walk, then nursing care is particularly important. You might […]
Options for IVDD-affected dogs “Especially for dachshunds and their friends” (other breeds very welcome) If your […]
The worst-affected IVDD dogs are those who have “no deep pain” in their toes. These dogs […]
There’s no treatment that guarantees recovery from IVDD and, unfortunately, a few dogs are left permanently […]
If your IVDD-affected dog cannot walk but can still feel his toes, then he’ll be in […]
Dogs with IVDD can be mildly or severely affected. Chances of getting better are highest for […]
It’s important to keep your dog’s toilet routine as normal as possible following a diagnosis of […]
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Your dog may need help to walk if his hind legs are very weak or paralysed, […]