The definitive guide to home care for dogs with back or neck problems

Above: Ethel, Norman and Argie with their new copy of The IVDD Handbook. Photo shared with kind permission of Nadine Feek Miles.

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Recovery from IVDD nearly always involves weeks to months of specialised care at home. For safety and for best results, it’s essential to get the details of home care right.

This comprehensive, fully-illustrated book is the perfect guide to home care for these dogs. Whether or not your dog has spinal surgery, this book will show you how to care for them through recovery. It’s also suitable for dogs with some other spinal problems such as FCE and traumatic disc. 

What’s included?

The IVDD Handbook contains:

  • clear practical guidelines for each stage of recovery
  • illustrated how-to guides for everything from sling-walking to home exercises
  • notes on when to contact your vet
  • an illustrated guide to understanding your dog’s surgical report
  • advice on keeping your recovering dog happy and content
  • a section on maintaining your own wellbeing while caring for your own dog
  • example daily routines suitable for dogs at each stage of recovery
  • hundreds of colour photos showing what to look for and how to help your dog
  • an index, glossary and colour-coded chapter to help you find information fast.

It also features a foreword by Ian Seath BSc (Hons), a highly experienced dachshund breeder and communicator who continues to improve the health of the breed through his fantastic work with various organisations including Dachshund Health UK.  

Written in British English, The IVDD Handbook contains advice suitable for dog owners worldwide. Use it in conjunction with talking to your own vet.


Amazing, and what a fantastic resource for dog owners!” — PROFESSOR PAUL FREEMAN, European & RCVS Specialist in Veterinary Neurology

The IVDD bible – having this valuable information to hand will give you the confidence to care for your beloved dog during their recovery”— CHARLOTTE BALDWIN, founder of registered charity Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD.

This book is packed with practical advice. Extremely comprehensive and engaging, it is essential reading for anyone caring for a dog that has back or neck problems” — CAROLINE CLARK, ABTC Registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist and Registered Veterinary Nurse

A wonderful complete guide for managing dogs with IVDD…” — DR LAURA HAMILTON BVM&S PgC(SAC) MRCVS, Kennel Club breed health coordinator for French bulldogs

How to get your copy

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Book updates

Did you order or buy your copy of The IVDD Handbook on or before 18th November 2022? If so, the book has since had a small update, mainly to correct a couple of minor printing and typesetting errors. We also took this opportunity to add a paragraph about dogs with a hunched or arched back. To update your copy, you might like to download this PDF.  Feel free to print the PDF and to cut sections from it to add to your copy.



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